IT departments have long employed ITSM and ITIL best practices to maintain and deliver essential (IT) services that keep the business running.

Create a foundation for employee-centric digital transformation with AI-driven chatbot technology for your business today. Read our white paper to learn how.


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Meet Luma

An AI-Based Virtual Agent that creates intelligent, actionable and engaging conversations. Fully automated to move tickets faster and more efficiently from creation to resolution.


Luma Will Transform
IT Service Management

  • AI based Virtual Agent designed specifically for Service Management
  • Leverages Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning
  • Automates many analyst duties
  • Connects to most ITSM solutions
  • Users communicate with Luma over popular messaging channels –
  • MS Teams, Messenger, Slack, an embeddable web widget and more

The future of support is conversational experiences for users and automated services.

Benefits of using Luma

Luma allows organizations to provide modern support to their customers and automates many duties of a Level-0 and Level 1 analyst.

  • 24/7 support
  • Self service knowledge
  • Conversational triage of support requests to improve the quality of ticket submission including automated assignment
  • Built-in scheduling for calls and on-site meetings
  • Zero-touch automated resolution of common requests
  • Automated follow-up, ticket closure and customer surveys
  • A conversational interface for support agents and managers to easily monitor tickets and access operational data and KPIs
  • Ships with over 200 commonly used services and analyst tasks
  • Build new capabilities in minutes using a codeless Skills Builder

Luma Improves the Service Experience



24x7 availability and intelligent guidance

Support Analysts


Properly categorized, actionable tickets



Interactive access to operational data & KPIs